Key figures

Safranis an international high-tech group

and tier-1 supplier of systems and equipment in the aerospace and defense markets. Operating worldwide, Safran has more than 58,000 employees and generated sales of 16.5 billion euros in 2017. The Group’s international footprint allows it to enhance its competitiveness, build industrial and commercial relationships with the world’s leading prime contractors and operators, and provide responsive local service anywhere in the world. Working alone or in partnership, Safran holds world or European leadership positions in its core markets.

In February 2018, Safran took control of Zodiac Aerospace, significantly expanding its aircraft equipment activities. Zodiac Aerospace has 32,500 employees and generated sales of 5.1 billion euros for its fiscal year ended August 31, 2017. The expanded Group now has more than 91,000 employees, with over 340 facilities in 60 countries, and is the world's third largest aerospace company (excluding aircraft manufacturers).

  • A single-aisle commercial  jet
    powered by our engines(1)


  • 1 million SEATS in service in airline
    fleets worldwide

  • 54,000+ landings a day using our products

  • 1 out of every 3 helicopter
    turbine engines 
    sold worldwide

  • 80+ successful Ariane 5(2) launches in a row

  • 3,000 combat aircraft fitted with our inertial navigation systems

  • 500 kilometers of wiring in each Airbus A380

  • 40,000+
    power transmissions, 
    totaling over 1 billion flight-hours

  • 20,800 nacelle components in service

  • 250 ejection seats for Rafale fighters(3)

(1) In partnership with GE through CFM International.
(2) In partnership with Airbus through ArianeGroup.
(3) Through Safran Martin Baker France, the 50/50 joint company between Safran and Martin-Baker.

(adjusted data, millions of euros)

Safran recorded adjusted revenue of 16,521 million euros in 2017, an increase of 4.7% over the previous year (or 7.4% on an organic basis). This 740 million euro increase reflects growth in all sectors: aerospace propulsion, aircraft equipment and defense.

by business sector

Our aerospace business grew again in 2017, buoyed by commercial and military engine deliveries, as well as services for commercial aircraft.

Recurring operating income
(adjusted data, millions of euros)

The 2.7% increase in adjusted recurring operating income was due to dynamic performance by the commercial engine service business, plus a significant increase in profitability for aircraft equipment and defense.

Shareholding structure
(at February 22, 2018)

Following Safran’s capital increase
for its acquisition of Zodiac Aerospace,
the French government’s stake in the Group’s share capital stood at 13.2% on February 22, 2018, compared with 14% at the end of 2017.

Backlog of orders
(billions of euros)

Safran booked orders worth 19.2 billion euros in 2017, an increase of nearly 8% over the previous year that reflects a very dynamic market. The growth in orders was mainly due to the success of the new LEAP® engine, which had a total of 13,728 orders at December 31, 2017.
On that same date, Safran’s total backlog of orders (including the CFM56®) stood at 14,834 engines.

2017: From success to success