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In April 2015 Safran announced the introduction of MorphoWaveTM, the first contactless biometric access control solution. It captures and identifies a hand’s four fingerprints “on the fly” in less than a second. MorphoWaveTM’s dynamic acquisition capability makes it an ideal security solution for high-value and high-traffic zones.

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Safran extends digital identity expertise

Safran continues to expand its product and service offering to ensure the same level of security in the digital world as in the physical world. For instance, in 2015 it announced the launch of SecureIdentity, a new digital identity platform intended for citizens and residents of the United Kingdom. With this new mobile app, up and running in early 2016, UK citizens can now authenticate and protect their identity to immediately and securely access a wide range of government services online, including tax returns and driver license renewals.

Safran also initiated its first pilot program for e-driver licenses, intended for employees of the Iowa Department of Transportation in the United States. This electronic license, which can be quickly authenticated using a mobile app, provides better protection against fraud, and also allows instantaneous updates of data such as the user address or driving restrictions.

Plateforme d'identité numérique : SecureIdentity

Safran supports fair elections

Visa and Safran team up on contactless payment solution

Safran and Visa announced the introduction of JMV Wave, a dual interface smart card for financial institutions that are Visa’s customers in the Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Developed to meet Visa’s requirements for contactless payment, JMV Wave is a modern contactless card solution, designed to operate swiftly at a reasonable price. It also ensures secure transactions, without the customer having to be connected to his or her online banking account.

technologie de paiement sans contact

Read the story “Contactless technology reinvents daily reality” on the Safran website.

Safran buys AirTag

solutions paiement mobile

Safran finalized its acquisition last year of AirTag, a French startup specialized in innovative mobile payment solutions for banks, payment networks and retail shops.

By pooling their respective areas of expertise, the two companies will be able to offer more secure and practical integrated solutions to their customers, from the original customer data acquisition to payment via a mobile device. The acquisition of AirTag reflects Safran’s development strategy in the digital security market.

Safran and Airtel improve customer knowledge

Airtel India, the leading mobile network operator in India, chose Safran to develop a new digital registration process for its subscribers, and to meet growing demand for reliable data. In response, Safran developed the pilot program eKYC (electronic-know your customer), based on the identification system developed for the nationwide Aadhaar program*. This new process will greatly simplify subscription operations by calling on electronic documents, preventing fraud and allowing new subscribers to quickly access their chosen services.

dématérialisation des documents

* Aadhaar is the Indian government program to register all Indian citizens and residents and assign them a unique identification number, ensuring secure access to a wide range of services: opening a bank account, receiving a passport, social benefits, etc. Safran is one of the major contributors to this program.
Learn more about the Aadhaar program.

More secure borders, thanks to Safran

ARRIUSSafran won the e-Border contract in 2015, to provide border control systems in the United Arab Emirates. It encompasses the deployment of 96 e-Gates (automated border control stations) and 94 e-Counters (for immigration control) at five main airports in the Emirates. This contract represents a world first because of the combination of the latest biometric, automation and integration technologies.

The Group also won its first international contract to provide an API-PNR (Advanced Passenger Information – Passenger Name Record) system, providing Estonia with a custom-tailored system to collect and process personal data from air travelers. The system will feature Safran’s latest technologies, allowing governments to identify targeted threats and keep the appropriate authorities informed.

Safran améliore le passage aux frontières
Safran améliore le passage aux frontières

Safran’s detection systems boost flight and airport security

A number of airports again chose the Group’s security solutions in 2015. In particular, the company’s range of CTX explosive detection systems (EDS) for checked luggage were chosen by the Munich and London Heathrow airports, six airports in Mexico, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the United States.

The new Itemiser® 4DX explosive trace detector, launched in 2014, also enjoyed a very successful year. To meet new European regulations concerning checking passengers for explosives, Safran delivered more than 900 Itemiser® 4DX units to the main European air hubs, including Austria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom. Safran is now the leading supplier of explosive trace detectors approved by the European Civil Aviation Conference to European airports.

Nouveau détecteurs de traces d'explosifs Itemiser 4DX
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