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More than 39,000 new employees have joined Safran since 2011.
Building on this wealth of talent, Safran constantly rises to the challenge of onboarding them and supporting their career development.

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Safran reaches Advanced ranking in United Nations Global Compact

Safran signed the United Nations Global Compact in 2013 and reached the Advanced ranking for enterprises (3 on a scale of 4) on January 31, 2015. Only about 40 French companies have achieved this ranking out of 1,000 signatories in the country, and 12,800 worldwide.
This achievement clearly confirms Safran’s commitment to environmental protection and fair trade practices.

CSR performance recognized

Eronext video

Safran joined the Euronext Vigeo – Eurozone 120 index in 2015. This index, updated every six months, includes the 120 companies in the euro zone recognized as the best corporate social responsibility (CSR) performers.

Safran recognized for commitment to ethics

Corinne Lagache, Safran Vice President for Trade Compliance and Export Controls, was named vice chairman of the ethics/anti-corruption working group in the Business and Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC) to the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development).
This committee, chaired by the head of trade compliance at Siemens, takes an active role in the work performed by the B20*, and is committed to harmonizing regulations and combating bribe solicitation.

* B20, or Business 20, groups the main trade associations from the G20 countries, working on behalf of 6.7 million small, medium and large companies.

Trendence 2015 employer brand indicator

Safran was selected as the second most preferred employer among engineering students for the second year in a row.


France certifies Safran companies’ export control programs

The French defense procurement agency DGA has certified the export control program at Safran Electronics & Defense, following Safran Landing Systems, Safran Power Units and Safran Aircraft Engines, within the scope of the transposition law for the European directive on intra-EU transfers of defense equipment and exports of war matériel outside the European Union.

Integration in the workplace and development of human potential


Safran signed a Europe-wide agreement in 2015 concerning career and skills development for young people, and also joined the European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA).

SAFRAN IDENTITY & SECURITY raises CSR ranking from silver to gold

medaille-05Based on a survey by EcoVadis covering 80 different corporate social responsibility (CSR) criteria (environment, social, business ethics and responsible purchasing), Safran Identity & Security has been named a “Gold partner”, placing it among the 11% of companies with top rankings.

Safran Identity & Security also formed a partnership in 2015 with Ecologic, an “eco-organization” dedicated to the recovery, recycling and reuse of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in France. Through this partnership, Safran Identity & Security will improve its WEEE management, and also plan ahead to meet changing regulations in this area.

REACH still a top priority at Safran

Safran has been actively preparing for several years for the implementation of new standards in Europe’s REACH regulation (registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals), which will shortly prohibit the use of certain chemical products, such as hexavalent chromium, by studying practical replacement solutions.

Some of these solutions are already being deployed, at Safran Transmission Systems for example, which is employing a new surface treatment method used in the aircraft industry to improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum and its alloys: anodic oxidation in sulfuric acid. Before, this process included hexavalent chromium in a sealing bath, now replaced by a new-generation anodic oxidation process which includes an additional post-processing step to remove all chromate compounds from the production line to ensure compliance with REACH. A similar process had been deployed by Safran Aero Boosters in 2014, as well as at some of Safran’s subcontractors.

Oxydation Anodique Sulfurique

Safran supports competition to improve education for youngsters in difficulty

Safran, a partner in France’s Talent des cités (“Our Neighborhoods Have Talent”) competition for the last five years, sponsored Julie Hinderschid’s project SYD Apprendre Autrement (“Other ways of learning with SYD”) in 2015. This e-learning platform is designed to help youngsters in difficulty at school by using exercises, games and personalized mentoring (not to mention SYD, a colorful cartoon dragon mascot), and is expected to be launched with the new school year in September 2016.



centre industriel de Russie

Safran made a key contribution to the creation of an Alliance Française in Rybinsk, and now supports this cultural, educational and linguistic center, located in one of Russia’s main industrial areas. Safran already has significant operations in this region, through the SaM146 engine for Russia’s Superjet 100 regional jet.


Safran has worked alongside the Alliance for Education for three years now, contributing to the fight against school-leaving by more than 140,000 young people without a degree or any qualification. Nearly two dozen Safran employees are volunteers in this program, providing individual mentoring to junior high school students to help them develop self-confidence and a broader world view, as well as defining a more concrete career plan. By helping these students discover or rediscover a taste for learning, this program clearly complements actions to earn a vocational certificate at this level.

Ocean racing sponsorship: a commitment for the long haul


Safran has sponsored a large-scale ocean racing program since 2005. In 2015 we launched a brand-new Safran racing yacht. Skipper Morgan Lagravière will be competing in the 2016 Vendée Globe round-the-world solo race at the helm of this new-generation IMOCA class 60-foot monohull ocean racer.

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